Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

On Tuesday we took a little ride down the coast and stopped to visit the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. I had my Leica M-9 with a 35mm lens and my Nikon D300 with a 70 to 300 zoom lens with me. Spring is a beautiful time of the year on the Northern California coast with wild flowers blooming and some spectacular scenery. Here are a few pictures from this afternoon of exploring.
(The first image on right  is the lighthouse and its out buildings. Taken with the Leica M-9)

The lighthouse taken across from Whalers Cove with the Nikon D300.
The lighthouse and this out building are surrounded by chain link fencing. You can still make out the interesting architecture and the ravages of weather and time. Leica M-9
Another view of the small house and the base of the lighthouse. Leica M-9
Two visitors enjoying the view from the rear observation walkway. Even thou the day looks spectacular the wind was blowing strongly making standing out there a bit chilly. Leica M-9
A view below the lighthouse at Whalers Cove. Leica M-9.

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