Sunday, May 2, 2010


I just installed the upgrade Adobe Photoshop CS5. The new feature that is great for photographers is the content aware brush and fill in the edit menu. All I can say is that so far it works great and I will be using it a lot. As usual I think that pictures tells the story so here are some examples.
In this first photo you see a nice red building with a ugly open area with takes away from the look I was hoping for.

In this photo you see by using the lasso tool in CS5 to outline the open area I wanted to get rid of. I then selecting fill content aware in the edit drop down menu and it magically filled in the dark area.

Here is a picture of my female German Shepherd and the leash sort of messes up a good picture.

I opened up the photo is CS5 and used the healing brush tool set to content aware and just brushed away the leash. I also adjusted tone and brightness and there it is a much better picture.
Now besides installing CS5 I received my new I-Pad with WI-FI and 3G on Friday so yes I have been doing a lot of playing around with my new toy. So far so good I love it and there are some great apps available for photographers. I will comment on some of those in future postings. I will end with a picture of my new set up.

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