Friday, February 5, 2010

Wet Week

It has been raining a lot this winter and that makes for some nice fresh green grasses a nice contrast from the dry summer and fall. I thought I would share some pictures that I took this week which highlight the winter colors.
The first picture to the right highlights the green grasses and the bare tree has lots of green moss instead of leaves. I softened the look by applying a Topaz Labs Adjust 3 filter.
The next picture is of a faded and rusted trailer and old disc used to plow the apple field.
Now its off to see a window of a uninhabited house. The green vine growth is reflected in the glass and the picture is highlighted by using the darker corner of the building to add depth. The window frame was brought out with Viveza 2 a filter that allows you to add brightness, contrast, saturation and structure to a specific area of the photo.

The last picture is of open pasture with the three horses being the focal point. Again I used Viveza 2 to bring out the yellow of the Acacia in the right foreground and to make the light colored trees in the background pop.

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