Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aperture 3.0

I have been busy this week exploring the trial version of Apples Aperture 3.0. There has been a lot written on photo blogs about all of the new and upgraded features of this product. Rather than going over all the technical changes, I'm just going to give you my early impressions.
My likes are, speed, how fast photos upload from my memory card and into the program. The new tools especially the brush tool that lets you easily dodge, burn and sharpen individual parts of your pictures easily. The interface on the whole which opens in the library tab and has additional tabs for meta data and adjustments. The ability to see and work on your picture in full screen mode just by using the (f) key and to zoom using the (z) key. Both of these keys are toggle keys so to go back to the old view just hit them again.
Dislikes I can't say that I dislike much in this new offering. I personally don't especially like the loop tool but that is a personal thing with me. The other thing is the face recognition portion to this offering. I have experimented with using it in iphoto and find that it doesn't work all that well for me.
I'm sure as I experiment more with this program I will find more likes and dislikes and I will share them with you as I find them. Now if you have been following this blog you will know that I presently use Lightroom by Adobe for my photo processing and I have been very happy with the way this program performs. I'm not sure if I will be switching to Aperture as of this time that's why I'm happy that Apple allows you 30 days to play with the full program before making a buying decision.
Below is a slide show of some of the pictures I took over the last few weeks and that I processed in Aperture 3.0 and used its slide show module to construct. As always good shooting.


  1. Nice Blog! I am glad Aperture finally supports RAW. About time! Anyhow, I am glad you seem to enjoy your DLUX4 as much as I do. Keep up the good work!

  2. DingDawg: Thanks for taking a look at the blog and yes I do enjoy using the D Lux-4, the quality of the pictures is surprisingly good for a compact camera....... Ted