Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hand held long exposure demonstration. I thought that today I would show the capabilities of the camera while being hand held and while using a longer exposure time with the anti-shake feature activated. The scene I choose is of a creek with moderate water flow from our latest rain.
Picture one was taken at F 2.8 125 sec which is a normal setting for the ambient lighting conditions.
Picture two was taken at F 6.3 1/5 sec. Notice the blurring of the flowing water but still with the sharp details of the surrounding objects.
Picture three was taken at F 8.0 1/8 sec. More blurring is seen in the water flow with little distortion of the surrounding objects.
Picture number four is of picture number three with Topaz Lab Detail 2 micro contrast filter applied.

Picture number five is a crop of picture four which was then highlighted in Viveza 2. I think that the results speak for themselves it is possible to to get a hand held shot that has the look of a long exposure on a tripod. Try it the next time yourself you might be surprised by the results.

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