Sunday, November 21, 2010

Altered State

I thought that you might be interested in a image I took yesterday with my Leica D-Lux 4. The image is nothing special but it does act as a platform to illustrated what you can do to alter the statement you want to make with your photo.
Ok lets get started by looking at the original image converted from raw in Adobe Lightroom 3.
What was I looking for when I took this picture? First I wanted to highlight the leaf in the foreground and its raindrops. I secondly wanted to use the background to add contrast and interest. When I opened the picture in Lightroom I thought what can I do to enhance my original idea. So off I went to Nik Software Color Efex Pro to add some glow to the photo, here is the result.
I then took the original image again and went back to Color Efex Pro and added the bleach bypass filter to whole photo.
Then using Adobe CS 5 I isolated the leaf that was the main subject of the picture and blended it into the above photo.
Now not leaving black and white out here is the original image processed using Silver Efex pro.
I guess what I'm trying to illustrate with this post is you can enhance your vision with the use of all the amazing software tools available to all of us in the digital age.

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