Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping Center

A visit to our local shopping center  was another opportunity to get a few quick shots of people, animals and places with the Leica M-9. All photos were processed using Adobe Lightroom 3.3 (the latest update). Black and white photos were processed with Silver Efex Pro.
 Interesting window display taken through glass with reflections.
 Women and child enjoying the sunshine and the water fountain.
 The Apple Store shoppers checking out the I-Phone.
 A students mode of transportation.
 Lounging around enjoying the ambiance of this quieter location.
Close up of a fixed gear bike with lots of white to contrast the dark burgundy frame color.
 Santa was there in spirit.
 More reflections are highlighted in this stores mirrored layout.
Shoppers checking out the tree as the Santa ornament pictured above looks on.
 A power shopper looks thrilled to be there.
Oh yes here is the cutest shopper in the mall.

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