Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Leica Images Site

I have been using a new Leica images only site to post and share pictures, Leica Images.Com. When you sign up you get your own gallery with sub galleries that you can use for any purpose you need to. Share pictures with friends, social media sites or just post them for other Leica fans to see. Here is a random picture from a Swedish members gallery.
As you can see in album view you get a nice presentation of your work and below the photo is all the data about the camera, lens and exposure used.

The service is free and I highly recommend you try it.
I have had a very busy two weeks with lots of family birthdays but here are a few pictures taken with the Leica D-Lux 4. All were post processed using Adobe Lightroom 3.
 A leaf on a moist background of fallen and rotting needles.
 A crooked fence, enhanced with Color Efex Pro by applying a small amount of the Glamor Glow filter.
 A calm day at the pond enhanced with Topaz Adjust 3.

A quick portrait taken on her second birthday enhanced with Silver Efex Pro for conversion to black and white and then using Color Efex Pro add some skin softening to the image.
 A close up of leaves turning from green to red enhanced using Topaz Labs detail filter.
Another look at the pond through the reeds, across the water to the colorful trees. Enhanced with Viveza 2.

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