Sunday, April 18, 2010


Comparison photographs processed with different filters allow you to detail a picture to better tell your story. Today's pictures were processed with Topaz Labs Filters Detail 2, Adjust 4 and its newest release Clean 3. All photos were taken with a Leica M-9 with a 35 mm lens on Saturday April 17th.
This first image is cropped from the original with no editing applied.
Image two has been adjusted with Topaz Detail 2.
Image three is image number two which has been adjusted further with Topaz Adjust 4 to give a even more dramatic effect.

Image taken at the local Apple store they are always busy. Image was adjusted with Topaz Detail 2 using the Lithograph filter.
The same image adjusted with Topaz Adjust 4 applying the Psychedelic filter.
A crop of the above image with Topaz Clean 3 filter Curly Smooth applied. I hope these examples all show a slightly different story and encourage you to try them for yourself.

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