Saturday, January 9, 2010


I thought that I would share a coupe of landscape photos I took this week. They were processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.6 and Viveza 2.0. The first photo is of a trail taken on my daily walk. The lighting was cloudy with light rain which made for a interesting look to the picture.
The rest of the photos are of views looking back at the Santa Cruz mountains from trails that run behind the Portola Valley Ranch and Windy Hill. The conditions were similar to the trail photo.

Looking west towards Los Trancos Woods.

Looking north west towards the coastal mountains.

Windy Hill Pond.
I'm currently working on some more blended (color transitions to black and white) photos like this one of oak trees. The photo is comprised of several layers of color and black and white blended into one.

The black and white starts in the upper left corner and transitions back to full color at the bottom of the picture.  The effect is subtle and was indicative of overcast lighting conditions. 

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