Saturday, August 8, 2009


I just got the new Eye-Fi Geo for my Leica. The card features 2 GB of storage space and the ability to automatically geo tag photos. It works using Wi-Fi spots locations and triangulates the location that the photo is taken at. In future blogs I will comment on how well this feature works.
For this installment I will tell you about how the installation went. The memory card comes with the software you will need for installation. It also comes with a USB card reader all you do is insert the card into the reader and then insert the reader into a unused USB slot. Follow the on screen instructions to install the necessary software onto your computer.
Set up your account and configure your software for what you want it to do. In my case I installed the software on my I-Mac and configured it to use my home Wi-Fi network to upload the pictures to i-photo. You can also set up the software to upload pictures to any one of several web photo services like Smug-Mug, flickr, facebook and a whole lot more.
So far I have only had time to take a few shots without Geo-Tagging specified and the pictures all uploaded to iPhoto seamlessly. I have now enabled the Geo-Tagging option and I will report on it in my next installment.
Currently this card is only available through Apple either on-line or at their store. For $49.95 to order or for more info click here.

Test shot one: Close up of green grapes on the vine

Test shot 2: Flower against soft background

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