Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aperture Priority

This is the mode I find myself using most of the the time and I thought that I would make a comparison photo that would give you a idea how some of the different settings impact the image. I took a full range of pictures of some flowers using the aperture setting from F-2.0 to F-8.0.
The F-2.0 settings where shutter set at 1/500, distance 5.1 mm with a ISO of 80. The second image was shot at F-4.0 at 1/160, 5.1mm, ISO 80. The third image was shot at F-8.0 at 1/40, 5.1 mm with a ISO 80.
All though the images look very similar you will notice that the picture shot at F-4.0 seems to have given the best results. The flower seems to have more luminance and the clarity is also better. This maybe that F-2.0 has less depth of field and F-4.0 is the happy median. F-8.0 may not be as sharp due to the slow shutter speed. To see for yourself click on the picture to see a larger version.

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