Monday, January 3, 2011

Close Crops

Sharing some New Years Day photos that benefited with a bit of cropping to get better composition. One can't always get in the right position for the shot you want, a fence or other obstacle may be in your way of getting the picture you want. So a little cropping here  and there helps over come those limitations. All photos taken with the Leica M-9, post processed in Adobe Lightroom and cropped in Adobe Photoshop 5.0.
The dog was on a long lead watching some critter only he could see. Cropped 33 percent to fill frame and lead was removed using Photoshop content aware tool.
Garden display, I was unable to get close enough to get the picture framed the way I wanted to see it. Cropped 25 percent.
Taken with a 35 mm lens cropped to show detail and sharpness.
A wire fence kept me from getting as close as I wanted so again a little cropping did the trick.
A Eucalyptus tree up close.
The cropped version makes for a interesting picture.

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