Saturday, July 3, 2010

Follow Up

Just a few words and pictures to follow up on my experience with Elmarit 90mm.  The first picture is a black and white of a flowering agapanthus in my garden just as the sunlight was filtering through the plants. The photo was processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.0.
This next photo was taken at the minimum focal distance of about 3.0 feet at f4.0. I was sitting on a bench, stuck my foot out, focused on the tied laces. You see the sharpness at the point of focus and the softening of the image as you go away from the focus point.
The other images are indicative of the quality of the lens as you get the focusing down. It seems that I'm now on target with about 70 percent of my shots. Not bad as I have a feeling my eyesight isn't what it used to be.
The horse photo was taken on our walk and she welcomes the attention and carrots that we bring.
Old farming equipment is also a familiar site and makes for interesting photographs. This one was taken from beyond a fence and through some over grown grasses and weeds.
I will finish up with a enhanced photograph of this flower taken through a chain link fence. I processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.0 and then with Topaz Filter Adjust 4 I enhanced the detail of the image.

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