Friday, July 30, 2010

17 Mile Drive

More pictures from the Monterey Bay Area featuring the 17 mile drive that winds through Pebble Beach to Carmel. All photos were taken with the Leica M-9 with the 90mm Elmarit 2.8 and processed with Adobe Lightroom 3.0, Nik and Topaz plug-ins.
In this first picture you see one of the world famous Cypress trees at  Cypress Point. The skies where overcast and the ocean calm which is common for early summer.
A lone fisherman on the colorful rocks, Pebble Beach.
Who is watching who? I love this picture with the young lady taking a picture of the chipmunk as another one is checking out her pocket for some goodies.
Looking over the side of the cliff down at the blue water.
On the beach the remains of a seal, just skin and a few bones are left.
Looking south from Cypress Point towards Big Sur.
A rocky beach between Pebble Beach and Carmel.
Looking down through a Cypress tree to the rocks and ocean below.
A last look at a Cypress tree which almost growing out of the rocks.

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  1. hey cool blog. I just my first leica. it's dlux4. can you tell how to get bokeh effect?