Saturday, June 12, 2010

Interesting Week

It has been a interesting week with some interesting images. This week I'm highlighting the Leica M-9 and some of the more unusual or sometimes different and interesting images I acquired. They were taken during my daily walk, trip over the Golden Gate Bridge and a stop at the local repair garage.
The picture to your right needs no introduction, the Golden Gate Bridge is world famous and I took this shot from the vista point on the north side of the bay. It was one of those days where the skies were clear and cloudless with only a hint of lingering haze on the horizon.
Of course anytime you stop at any of the vista points there are lots of opportunities to get some photos of others enjoying the view. Here is another photographer setting up his camera in the middle of others trying to look at the view.
There is a bronze statue of a sailor in the middle of the vista point and people were lining up to get their pictures taken with it. These two men caught my eye as they were playing to their friends camera as I also took this shot.
On we went up the coast towards Jenner and Bodega Bay where we stopped for lunch, the fish was excellent. here is a decaying pier being used by the seagulls. I really like the simplicity of the picture and the way the pier gives depth to the photograph.
In the restaurant we meet a couple visiting from Germany with their 7 month old daughter I asked if I could take a picture. In these days and times when it comes to young children I would rather ask than to make people uncomfortable about having their children photographed.
After getting their permission I took this photo which I later converted to black and white using Nik Software plug-in Silver Efex pro.
These next pictures are from my daily walks and the first one highlights the thoughts of the owner of the property.
It seems they don't want anyone on their property and haven't wanted so for a very long time. In the next picture I saw this on the side of the trail and liked the texture and colors on the discarded planter.
This last picture I got at the local garage of a vintage Maserati it was parked in the middle of some modern prestige type vehicles but stood out like a sore thumb.
All photographs were post processed using the new Adobe Lightroom 3.

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