Sunday, May 22, 2011

M 9 and Errands

I was out running some errands on Friday and took some pictures with my Leica M-9 as I visited Stanford Mall and downtown Menlo Park. Some of today's pictures are in a 16x9 format, I'm experimenting with this format for use in video displays.
 A great bakery that serves sandwiches, goodies and custom coffee drinks. (16x9)
Local photographers checking out settings before capturing the display window.
 What a display of some very expensive purses.
The courtyard with all its spring plantings.(16x9)
Close up of some lovely roses.(16x9)
Early morning shoppers taking a break.(16x9)

No visit to the mall is complete without a stop at the Apple Store.
While downtown in Menlo Park I took a minute to grab a few shots of the Porsche 911T that has seen better days.
 Parked under a shady tree this old Porsche is still in daily use.
A rear engined car this black and white rendition makes for a interesting image. All of the photos for this posting were processed in Adobe Lightroom 3. Plugins used were Topaz Labs and Nik Software.

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