Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hanging On

Yes winter is still hanging on here in Northern California.We have had rain every day this week and not just a little. So I'm sharing some pictures I took this week with my Leica D-Lux 4, I'm one of those folks that won't drag out my Leica M-9 in the rain. All pictures were post processed with Adobe Lightroom 3.0
In between rain storms this little gem was sitting out ready to be serviced and put back on the street for spring and summer fun.
The clouds are moving out leaving a smattering of rain and a lovely blue sky in its wake.
Horses out in their pasture grazing away waiting for more rain to return. Silver Efex Pro 2 was used to convert to a antique plate look with a tattered frame to accent the old and aged look.
Interesting building and lovely light filtering through the trees highlighting the building and green foliage.
On the top of the hill this lovely villa sits behind stone walls and wooden gates. Processed in Silver Efex Pro 2 I turned the image into a black and white image and then using the add a control point I brought back some of the color to help direct the eye to the stone wall and villa itself. Note I also added just a touch of color to some of the plants in the front of the picture to give the illusion of natural light.
More storm clouds moving in over the foothills. Viveza 2 filter was used to bring out and contrast this photo.

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