Saturday, August 14, 2010

Contrasting Light

More Leica D-Lux-4 pictures taken the week of August 8-14th. Starting with these roses taken through some trees as I peered into this hidden garden. The image was captured with a manual exposure setting of -1 and 2/3. I used this setting so that the light coming off the flowers would not be blown out and to enhance the darkness behind the flowers. Processed using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

A old sink that had been discarded beside the road. The sink is highlighted by the filtered light coming through some trees and rust in contrast to the original color.
A peaceful creek setting taken mid day again I used a manual exposure setting of -1.0.
I located this lizard lounging on the bank of a pond and slowly got close enough to get this shot without disturbing him. I try not to disturb wildlife when taking pictures if at all possible.
Here are a few black and white photographs that were processed using Silver Efex Pro. The highlights in the boys hair where heightened using Color Efex Pro 3 and applying the Glamour Glow Filter.
A pond scene with the dark water contrasted by the sun drenched foliage, make for a interesting picture with reflections highlighting the water.
Dark to light gives depth to this picture as the strong light at the rear of this picture draws ones eyes from the front to the rear. I metered on the subjects face and shirt and it worked out well.

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