Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Fun

The family went out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate 1 October and 2 November birthdays. We sat outside on a partially lite patio with the outdoor heaters blazing away. I took several pictures and posted them in my web album and if your interested please feel free to take a look.
Here today I'm going to feature some of those pictures that I have played with using Adobe Photo Shop Elements 8 and Topaz Labs filters. The first picture is cropped from a larger image of my grandson either trying to eat, bite or stick the balloon up his nose. It was adjusted using Topaz Labs filters to make the picture more dramatic.

Now I did say it was dark outside and here you see my youngest grandson trying to climb over the railing to get a better view of the pool below. This picture was adjusted in Photo Shop Elements using the Stylize filter.

This picture is of my lovely daughter in law and was first cropped and then adjusted using Topaz Filters to give the picture a smooth look while still keeping the essential details of the picture.

This last picture of me my son and two grandsons was adjusted with Adobe Photo Shop Elements using the Colored Pencil Filter. I hope this has encouraged you to play a little with your pictures.

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