Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lets play

This week I thought I might have a little fun with some images I took recently. I have been experimenting with Topaz filters a plug-in that works in Adobe Photo Shop and Adobe Photo Shop Elements. The idea was to see if they really could make my pictures pop.

I really had fun with this picture of my grandson who was getting ready to watch a Barney video. By using the filters adjust, simplify 2 and detail the picture really jumps out at you.

Early morning sky enhanced with the adjust filter to bring out the pink from the sun just coming up over the horizon.

Nothing goes to waste, what is left of a fallen deer in the Windy Hill Preserve. Picture was adjusted with the detail filter.

Looking down at the creek adjusted with detail filter.

Just for laughs a hose growing out of the trunk of a tree.

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