Friday, September 11, 2009

Custom Mode

Today I was out in nature and decided to try the custom mode setting. This would allow me to use the enhanced zoom setting at a higher that the normal 3 meg limit. I would have to say that it was a success as I was able to get some pictures of wild turkeys that while using the normal setting would be to small.
I'm also adding some pictures of the settings setup I used on the camera. Of course there are a few more turkey shots to illustrate the difference between normal mode and custom with telephoto mode.

This first picture is of the mode selector nob in the Custom 1 position.

This shows the menu and the two selections I made: Number one was picture size 10m and number two Digital Zoom On. Which is found on the third menu page. Use the selector toggle to maneuver through the menus.

Turkeys taken without the use of digital zoom.

Turkeys taken with digital zoom.

Digital Zoom used to capture the top of Windy Hill 2+ miles away.

Just had to add this bird captured with the normal zoom. Good luck experimenting with your cameras!

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