Friday, July 10, 2009

Comparison Photo's

This week I'm sharing some comparison pictures that outline the Exposure Compensation mode, the Aspect Mode and Manual Mode with and without the use of flash. First up is the exposure mode and the attached photos show three different exposure values taken with a single shutter release as seen below. The picture to the right was taken on a daily walk of interesting grasses with a strong blue sky as the background. Click on any image to see a larger view.

EV + 1

EV - 1

EV - 0

Next up is photo Aspect ratios that are demonstrated below:

16 x 9

3 x 2

4 x 3

Manual mode with the use of flash and no flash hand held with anti shake turned on.

Shot at: 125 - f 2.8 with flash ISO 200

Shot at: 1/5 - f 2.8 with anti shake turned on and no flash ISO 200

There is no doubt that the anti-shake option really does the trick of allowing you to use really slow shutter speeds without excessive blurring. None of the above photos were retouched for this demonstration.
Now this is just for fun a multi-exposure taken in my home office featuring a small fan.

3 exposures in one frame a interesting effect.

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  1. Great comparison. I use this Leica model, too. Especially I like shooting in dynamic b&w.